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It's dinner time.

Do you know where your lettuce has been?

Wouldn't you like to know the standards practiced by every farmer who provides produce to your grocer?


Well you can and it's really easy.


Simply ask the produce manager at your grocer for

the names of the farms that supply the fruit and vegetables you purchase.


Once you have the farm names from your grocer come back to this site and go to our Farms Rated page to see 

if the farms on your list have passed the

Morganicasapproved Evaluating Criteria.


If your farm isn't on our list, then it didn't pass the test

or we haven't evaluated it yet, in which case please Contact Us with the farm name or names. We'll evaluate each of them and get back to you with the results. When new  farms pass our criteria we'll list them on our Farms Rated page.

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