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Auvil Fruit Company, WA "Gee Whiz" brand


Owned by Auvil family since 1928, President and GM: Jim Wright


Jurisdiction: A few select growers adhere to company philosophy



Apples (first to introduce Granny Smith and Fuji), Cherries

Organic: Not organically grown, but uses innovative organic washing process: PurFresh


Food Safety:




Works with The Tree Research Commission and WA State Univ. on improved storage, packing and shipping materials


Pesticide use:

"Nutriclean" pesticide detection system certified – evaluation and testing for residue meeting "child protection" levels

IPM – predator insects and soft insecticides


Fertilizer use:

Controlled use of water reduces need for fertilizer

Nutrient applications

GPS allows for better knowledge of soil types and amendments to use


Crop rotation: N/A



Irrigation management, trellis growing (trains trees toward sunlight and allows more trees per acre = increased growing efficiency)

Water usage lessened by use of PurFresh wash system


Independent testing:

Nutriclean nutrient testing

Agri-Check pesticide detection


HAACP: yes


Other state/federal certification:

The Tree Research Commission

WA State Univ. R&D


Fair trade:






Innovator of concept of following product from tree to check out counter to provide consumers with the highest quality fruit

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