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Ocean Mist Farms, CA


Family owned: Pieri/Reasons and Tottino


Jurisdiction over: Sea Mist Farm, Boutonnet Farms, Desert Mist, Laguna Mist, Baja Mist, Valley Pride harvester



Artichokes, asparagus, celery, corn, cauliflower, fennel, green onions, leeks, lettuce, rapini, spinach

All artichokes organic; transitioning to all organic (CCOF, ASCO)

Organic growing is minimizing impact on wildlife habitats

350 acres grow consistently year round


Food safety:

Food safety training is routine and ongoing for all employees

Focus on prevention using GMP, GAP and HAACP methods – products free of microbial, chemical or physical contaminants

Product traceability is priority



Leading industry in farm practice, field packing, cooling and packaging

Waxless cartons – fully recyclable


Pesticide use:

IPM – Ladybugs, traps, habitat manipulation, pesticides tested by third party for targeted use

Helped develop and initiate LGMA (Leafy Green Handling Marketing Agreement)


Fertilizer use:

Alternatives – no manure, drip irrigation

Routine water testing

Crop rotation:

Field selection using risk assessment



Committed to sustainable methods

Converting farmlands into wetlands

Independent soil testing: Third party testing

HACCP approved

Fair trade – compliant


Other State/federal certification:

CFDA, CDHS, Univ. of Calif.



Holds 60 DOL H-2A visas provided for Mexican workers



Ocean Mist Quality Assurance Program exceeds USDA standards

Marketing excellence awards

Leader of green initiatives using "Farm to Fork" product traceability program

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