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Olivia’s Organics, MA


Family owned

Spoke to Alita, Customer Service


Products grown:

Lettuces, arugula, romaine, spinach, spring mix, herbs, shredded cabbage (sold as packaged salad), also seasonal vegetables, butternut squash for Fall

100% USDA Certified Organic plus conventional lines: Nor East Fresh and State Garden


Food safety:

Field to fork safeguards, triple wash process

Follows USDA Certified regulations for unprocessed, natural products



New packaging includes 100% BPA free, recyclable containers made from 50% recycled materials, most is PETA 1 – always improving

Everything possible in the processing plant is recycled including electronics, light bulbs, etc.

Energy conservation is priority including motion sensors on lighting

Pesticide free


Fertilizer use:

No synthetics

Crop rotation, compost and natural minerals



Emphasis on renewable resources – recycle naturally occurring materials

All vegetable waste goes to animal feed

Seasonal audits by independent third parties

All produce received for packaging is tested by third party for salmonella and e coli


HACCP Approved


Fair Trade – No


Manager is OSHA trained



A percentage of profits go to local children’s charities

Committed to responding to consumers inquiries and suggestions


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