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Rice Fruit Company, PA (Growers and packers)


Family owned for 7 generations


Jurisdiction over other apple growers: 80% from other growers – generations of cooperatives



Apples, peaches, nectarines, pears

"We do not grow ‘organic’ fruit. The climate and conditions of our area are not conducive for growing organic fruit.  There is some organic vegetable production in the state, but virtually no significant production of organic fruit."


Food safety:

GAP, SQF certified, full time USDA federal inspector on premises



Porous concrete system allows absorption of runoff and rain before it can enter streams leading to Chesapeake Bay

"Green roof" on storage buildings does similar


Pesticide use:

IPM – alternate row spraying

Mating disruption of moths using pheromone cards in trees

Minimal spraying



Each grower uses own methods

"Seven generations has to indicate sustainability"


Independent testing:



HACCP approved


Fair Trade – No


Other state or federal certification:

Good Handling Practices in packing house

GAP in field

Dept. of Labor/OSHA




Have won awards for green practices

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