Bird’s Eye Frozen Foods


Privately held food marketing company


Jurisdiction: All suppliers held to same company standards



Frozen vegetables and fruits


Food safety:

Leading edge software for traceability

On site safety team at each plant

Country of Origin markings on packaging exceeds USDA

Monitored: "Farm to retail freezer"



Recycling and solid waste reduction

Air emission reduction

Efficient irrigation – drip


Pesticide use:


Pesticide Risk Reduction Program conforms to PESP (Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program)


Fertilizer use:

Soil analysis and amendments

Only composted manure used when needed



Crop rotation used

Company educates all its farmers to keep land safe and capable of growing high quality, nutritious food

"Be considerate of environment and natural resources"


Independent testing:

Frequent safety and quality checks by third party auditors


Fair Trade? Compliant

Other State/federal certification:

USDA, NRCS, Dept. of Agriculture, BMP





Offers consumers best environmental choices

Dedicated to sustaining world wide environmental and natural protection is a small but growing group of U.S. based produce retailers dedicated to providing customers with

an unbiased, research-driven list of the finest, safest, most tested and most inspected farms and growers in North America.

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