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Del Monte Organic Foods, CA




Board of Directors


Jurisdiction: Tightly controls 3000 growers



Processed fruit, vegetables and tomatoes (Brands: Del Monte, Contadina, College Inn, S&W and pet products)



Recent pioneer development of organic seed use – will depend on crop success


Food safety:

Product traceability

Onsite trained specialist auditors



Reducing packaging and inserts, use of recycled cardboard in boxes

Reduction of thickness of metal cans, plastics and wrapping

Transport efficiency


Pesticide use:

IPM – no synthetic chemicals used – ground breaking program since 1953

Electronic tracking re: pesticide use in baby foods. Traceable to origin

Seed treatment – no residue in product


Fertilizer use:

No synthetic – minimal use – reduce waste water and runoff

Increased crop density reduces need for fertilizer and pesticides

Crop rotation practiced



Integrity and stewardship

Implemented optimal water usage initiatives with other CA growers


Independent testing:

Third party auditors at all locations




Fair trade? Compliant

OSHA? Compliant



Fully compliant with ESA (Endangered Species Act)

Leader in reduction of amount of metal in cans – significant raw material and energy savings

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