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Earthbound Farm Organics, CA


Drew and Myra Goodman, Owners


With jurisdiction over 150 farms, California and Mexico


Products grown: beets, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, onions, garlic, lettuces, potatoes, tomatoes, apples, melons, citrus, avocados, grapes, pears, stone fruit, kiwi, berries, mixed greens.

Also sells dried fruits, snacks, trail mix

100% organically grown


Food safety:

Unprecedented in the growing industry

All greens tested for pathogens using "test and hold" till cleared, constant refrigeration and GAP methods

GAP all phases including Mexico

Unannounced inspections of all contributing farms



Biodiesel farm vehicles and new company vehicles

No synthetics – in 2009, will avoid use of 10.3 million lbs. synthetic fert. and conserve use of 1.6 million gallons petroleum by not using pet. based fertilizer and pesticides


Pesticide use:

Beneficial insects attracted by "host crops"

Low toxicity USDA Organic approved if necessary


Fertilizer use:

Soil enrichment – compost, cover crops, natural minerals

Crop rotation



Basis of company philosophy

Independent soil testing – Davis Fresh Technologies

HACCP approved


Fair trade certified – yes


Other state and federal certification:

USDA Certified Organic "QTV", CCOF, LGMA, Scientific Advisory Panel

DOL/OSHA – yes



World’s largest grower of organic produce

Committed to sustainability

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