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Grimmway Organic Farms, CA


Family owned: Grimm


Jurisdiction over Cal Organics (15 years), a division of Grimmway



Baby and petite peeled carrots, potatoes – russet, red, yellow, lemons, oranges, tangelos, carrot juice

CCOF organic


Food safety:


USDA "Shield #002" in QTV program

Use of Good Safety "Guide to Minimize Microbial Food Safety"

Electronic recall program with mock recalls (traceability)

New pathogen lab



PG&E award for leadership in energy efficiency and environmental practices

Has saved enough power for 4000 homes and reduced CO2 by 558 million pounds in 18 years


Pesticide use:

Beneficial insects and mechanical controls


Fertilizer use:

Organics, not synthetic fumigants, pesticides or fertilizers



CCOF inspects to insure sustainability methods are used for organics


Soil testing:

Siliker Labs, Davis Fresh Technologies

HACCP approved


Other State/federal certification:

USDA, Scientific Certification Systems, AIB

NY Kosher certified



Averages two major energy efficiency projects each year

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