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River Ranch Fresh Foods, LLC, CA


Locally operated



44% market share of salad blends and cut veggies, salad kits, spinach salad, cabbage items, "Popeye" label. Also commodity business: head lettuce, carton broccoli and cauliflower


Food safety:

On-site food safety director

LGMA (one of first signers)

Bio-terrorism safety procedures at all levels from field to distribution

Seed to store traceability assured by transaction numbers

Random samples pulled throughout processing



No preservatives added to cut veggies or salads

All cardboard and film is recycled

Raw product culls used as cattle feed


Pesticides used:

Monitored b y Primus – also audit fields and crew


Fertilizers used:

In full compliance with auditors



Optimization of seed varieties – crop rotation

Strictly follow requirements for irrigation and fertilization


Soil testing:

Top ratings from Primus


HACCP approved


Other state and fed. certifications:

"Superior" rating AIB (American Institute of Baking)



Supported of American Cancer Society, $H, Special Olympics, Childrens Hospital and more

"Nearly all" salads and cut veggies are Kosher certified

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