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Six L’s Packing Co., Florida


Family owned: 3rd generation Lipman plus professional management


Jurisdiction: All farms and facilities (FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, MD, PA) must comply with Davis Fresh audits


Products: tomatoes, squash, eggplants, cukes, melons, potatoes, "Thick Wall" peppers

Organic ????????????


Food safety:

All on-site managers and key personnel trained in food safety


Traceabililty: number tracking system



Use of machinery which reduces fuel and power use

Drip and micro irrigation conserves water

Use of PLA packaging – similar to plastic but made from corn

Packing houses recycle everything possible


Pesticide use:

Efficient IPM minimizes need for spray


Fertilizer use:

Fertigation,(application of fertilizers, amendments, nutrients, etc. through irrigation system)

Recycled plastic mulch

Agriscience consultants advise on genetic and plant diversity


Crop rotation: Yes



Company philosophy: "continuity and continuous development"

Minimal impact on natural resources – protect and recharge environment

Completed "social accountability audit"


Independent testing:

Davis Fresh, Primus




Fair trade:

Other state/federal certification:

USDA/FDA Title 21 re: tomatoes

Dept. of Labor/OSHA: compliant



Employees and community are challenged to do their part to protect the environment

Company funds educational and "life bettering" causes

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